Hear stories of failure and hope as Amy Harrill and Shane Mckenzie pull back the curtain, upset traditional models and reveal the system that the most influential owners use.

The 4 Most Important Priorities For Owners To Focus On Every Day:

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Predictable profits. The new secret.

Amy’s authority in business development & scaling profits has been upsetting traditional models that rely on old tactics and gimmicks that do not work for owners who have a dream of helping a lot of people. You will hear stories of failure and hope as she and Shane Mckenzie pull back the curtain and reveal the system that the most influential owners use.

Amy (00:08):
Welcome to the Don’t Be Fooled podcast. I’m Amy Harrell and I’m Shane McKenzie. We are so excited to be talking to you as what we will tell you is so simple, and it really goes against what we are hearing out there in the marketplace today, because we are constantly bombarded by marketers telling us to build lists, use the fastest traffic sources, the latest Facebook features, and don’t forget SEO and video, but they are completely ignoring the system to convert those leads into paying clients or build a sustainable model. There are so many people talking about getting more clients and getting somewhere fast. Well, this podcast is NOT going to tell you more of what to do or to do it even faster. We want to help you de-clutter the path to profitable and sustainable business by showing you how to systemize your marketing and delivery model.

Amy (01:15):
We will give you less actions that will give you higher returns on your investments. How? Really by duplicating your ideal client, predicting and sustaining profits, and ultimately generating more time for your life with only one system. You see, Shane and I are deeply convicted about what not to do because he and I listened to those voices. We built big, we built fast and we failed hard! Now, we’re going to share the same mistakes that we made, honestly, because of beliefs we had, we did not even realize we believed these things. We have been able to fix that belief system, pull ourselves back up by our bootstraps, and we have found the most valuable business tools, the most valuable strategies and processes that have the highest return on investment. That’s why we called this podcast, Don’t be Fooled!,

Shane (02:19):
Amy. I am so excited for our audience to be introduced to all of your insights on what it really takes to scale a business, because I know how significant this can be for a business owner who really wants to make an impact. When you and I first met, I wanted to grow my business and I was trying everything that all the experts were saying to try and, and everything I was trying, I could not make it work until I had one last ditch effort. I kept hearing people say, content is King, right? You know, content is King!! And, and I looked around at my content and I saw I wasn’t a King, and figured I got to go buy somebody else’s content. Maybe that’s the ticket. And nothing, nothing that I bought actually helped me. I made no progress. I got no return on investment. Working with one of your strategies, just one, I was able to literally turn my business around. I went from, from not knowing how to get any clients, to being able to generate clients that I actually want to work with consistently and quickly. I mean, it’s, it’s literally been a game changer.

Amy (03:26):
Well, Shane, you are a case study to be studied by many people because you were willing to put in work that most other people would not put in. You had a conviction about really helping people. And you said, I am going to work this system until the system doesn’t work. Well. The beautiful thing about an agile business system is when the pressure is applied, it only delivers better results. Now I had to learn that the hard way myself. I mean, I lost my first business trying to do it the old way with new world technology. You see for, well, hundreds of years, let’s just be honest, a whole century! Generation after generation has been taught to work in one way where all of the outcomes are dependent upon one person, one process, or one machine. Well, with the rise of technology, the old way of doing businesses is quickly growing extinct.

Amy (04:29):
And that’s where I found myself in my first business almost 18 years ago. I was trying to put new world technology down in old business behavior. I mean, it’s interesting to me that only 1% of businesses in 2021 have adopted a more agile business system and only 10% of corporations. The reality is, is that the old way is killing us in this new world of technology. You see, I’m willing to dive into the details that really brought my business to its knees, but we’ll do that in later episodes. I promise I’ll pull back the curtain. I’ll tell you everything not to do, but I’m going to tell you what I did figure out through the process of failure, what not to do. And I stood up and said, I’m going to make the way for other people that are like me. And that’s when this agile business system was built.

Amy (05:29):
I started to apply it and it started to deliver on its promised results. And in 2020, when a worldwide pandemic hit, this system only delivered better, because that is the indirect results of an agile business system. And the truth is Shane, we know that agile companies have a secret. They know something that’s unsuccessful owners don’t know yet. That agile is not something you do. It’s something you become! Well, this is why your expertise was so attractive for me and my clients because as a coach, you’re able to help people figure out why they can’t take action and why they’re having a hard time transitioning from the old way of doing business to the new agile way. And I believe that this combination of my systematic expertise and your coaching expertise is so valuable to small business owners today because systems run businesses and people run the systems.

Shane (06:41):
Oh, it’s so true, Amy. Very well said. It’s, it’s just like, you know, just like those business systems have to be dynamic, so do the people who run the systems. And most business owners have been trained to work from a scarcity mindset. And here’s what I mean, you know, a lot of people have come from a corporate environment that they worked in and it actually beat the idea out of them that there is more than enough business to go around. And it trained them to think like a scavenger. It reminds me of these stories that I’ve heard from people who, you know, grew up in these really big families, you know, seven, eight, nine kids. Where at dinnertime, it’s like every person for themselves. They’re, they’re so guarded. You know, they guard their plate. They slap the hands of people who come near them. They, they, push people out of the way to get the amount of food that they want. And it’s this scavenger mindset. And when you bring a scavenger mindset into business, it causes you to put these old structures in place where you’re the only one who can make a big decision. You’re the only one who can determine the next steps. And what you think is actually helping you is suffocating the life out of you and everyone else. You know, it’s, it’s, it looks like this. It looks like acting like we still live in this environment where everything can be controlled, right? Like all the variables can be controlled. And that is just not true! We live in an environment today that is ever changing. It’s dynamic. It’s one where we can’t always see what the future holds. And so my role as a coach is to help owners embrace the uncertainty so that they can quickly try new things while also minimizing the risk to their business.

Amy (08:19):
So valuable Shane! And that’s exactly what we want to do is help people stop the feeling of being a scavenger and start to take back control of their life and their business and feel like they are, they’ve got their own hands on the control panel, right? I mean, the reality is, is that one of the byproducts of being a scavenger is you just never have enough time. Do you find yourself saying I’m just, I’m too busy. I’m too busy to do that. I wish I could do that. It may be one day when I finally arrive, then I can afford to take some time off or I can, I can afford to be selective. Well, we want to make sure that we are helping you use your time in the most effective and efficient way. So we want to help you identify if this podcast is even worth your time.

Amy (09:19):
So, if you answer yes to any of these questions, then you, my friend are in the right place. I want you to think about this for a second, no matter where you are. Just pause for 30 seconds. I know that’s hard to do, but just pause and think about these questions that I’m asking. Do you start every month wondering where is the next client going to come from? Do you find yourself thinking back to a month where the money just flew in, but you have no idea how or why and how to duplicate it. Do you see people in your industry like, doing massive things and making a big impact and you just wonder, what are they doing that I’m not doing? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this podcast is for you! Look, Shane and I are true evangelists! And we want to get this message to you and to your friends and to your friend’s friends, because we want to help as many owners and entrepreneurs avoid these massive mistakes that we made and actually scale, impact, and help more people.

Amy (10:36):
Will you please, and I will refrain from begging, but will you please share the Don’t Be Fooled podcast with your friends? Will you send the link? Will you say, well, these people are a little cheesy, but I think they’ve got something to share. At least give it a try. Right? So would you be willing to share the link, subscribe to this podcast, share the link with your friends who are owners and entrepreneurs who also cannot afford to be fooled anymore? And we are going to spend a lot of time personally connecting with you and we cannot wait. Shane and I love human connection. Don’t we Shane?

Shane (11:17):
We do – find us on Facebook, follow us on LinkedIn. We can’t wait to connect with you personally.

Amy (11:25):
And please, be looking for our upcoming episodes. We are, we are busy getting them ready for you, and we can’t wait to deliver them to you because at the very core of it, we want to show you what’s not working, what won’t ever work and what you need to be doing instead to scale impact and not lose it all. See you later. Bye.

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